Juniper + Gin

8 channel synchronized CV modulator and recorder

The Modulation Masters

Modulation is the energy that flows in your patch, it gives your musical phrases movement.
Juniper + Gin offers 8 high resolution clocked, modulated and recorded outputs that will breathe life into your Eurorack setup. Creating slow and evolving to complex mind bending waveforms has never been easier.

Looping precision

MD-001 Juniper is an 8 channel clock and modulation source with a powerful modulation matrix giving it the capability to generate complex waveforms.
Waveform generation parameters such as frequency, amplitude, offset, morph and many more can be individually modulated with modulation sources including all 8 internal channels as well as 4 assignable inputs, allowing Juniper to create mind bending relationships between output channels.
Each of the 8 output channels can be recorded directly to the SDCard with time quantization, allowing Juniper to behave as an intuitive CV looper for both internal and external CV sources.
The highly responsive OLED display features an oscilloscope for visualisation of output signals and modulation sources.
All this functionality including 8 LED buttons to quickly navigate channels and their waveform settings, packed into a modest size of 8HP, Juniper is an ideal modulation and CV looping workhorse for modular systems big and small.

MD-002 Gin is a powerful 4HP expander that adds 8 additional CV inputs, a dedicated potentiometer for knob recording and dedicated record controls, further enhancing Junipers recording and input capabilities.


  • 8 high resolution 16-bit output channels
  • 3 high resolution 16-bit CV inputs and 1 GATE (clock) input
  • Per channel bipolar (-5V to +5V) and unipolar modes (0V to +5V)
  • Multiple output waveforms: sin, tan, square, triangle, sawtooth, envelope, random, stair-stepped, CV inputs, output mix
  • Each channel can operate as either LFO or Function Generator
  • Each LFO can be synchronized to the clock or entirely de-synchronized
  • Powerful modulation matrix with modulation sources including all 8 internal channels and 3 CV inputs
  • All waveform parameters can be individually modulated for complex waveform generation
  • 4 quadrant amplitude multiplication / polarization modulation
  • 8 individual or linked CV recorders quantized to the beat, streaming directly to the SDCard for large loop durations
  • V/Oct quantization
  • OLED display @ 60Hz with oscilloscope
  • Low clock drift profile
  • 1/10th bpm accuracy
  • Micro SD card for firmware updates, state persistence and data streaming
  • Reverse polarity power protection
  • Support for MD-002 Gin Expander adding:
    • 8x 12-bit CV inputs
    • Potentiometer for knob recording and fluid modulation
    • Dedicated recording controls for intuitive live looping


  • MD-001 Juniper
    • Width: 8 HP (40.3mm)
    • Height: 128.5mm
    • Depth: 36mm
    • Power: 33mA @ -12V, 160mA @ 12V
  • MD-002 Gin
    • Width: 4 HP (20.15mm)
    • Height: 128.5mm
    • Depth: 20.5mm
    • Power: 5mA @ -12V, 15mA @ 12V